WHAT we do

WHAT we do

We care about creating communities people are proud to call home, today and for future generations. Bakerland is well-known for being honest, approachable, and working closely with landowners to achieve above-market land sales. For buyers, we create vibrant, leafy communities characterized by tree-lined streets, open spaces and generous lot sizes.

Identifying development potential

We use our knowledge and expertise in property development to research growth areas and identity off-market opportunities. Using mapping tools, we can identify land that has short or long term development potential for future projects.

Negotiating and buying land

Bakerland approaches landholders; offering above-market prices that have favourable terms. Our popular approach is transparent and genuine and we take pleasure in tailoring strategies to discover win-win solutions for everyone involved – from estate agents to landowners.

Planning and developing

Through strong relationships and established networks, we work closely with authorities, councils and consultants to plan and develop projects of the highest quality. Capturing communities desires is at the heart of what we do – from start to finish.


Building communities

 Bakerland is proud of creating communities for future generations to enjoy – the kind of places we’d like to live. That means leafy streets, parks, wetlands, waterways, and a vibrant atmosphere for all.

Join our Community

Join our Community

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